2018 Priorities

Each year the members of Future of California Elections (FoCE) work on a set of priorities, individually and collectively, in order to advance the guiding Principles.

In 2018, Future of California Elections and its members will work to modernize elections and expand
participation for a more diverse California electorate, by serving the needs of all voters, including
underrepresented voters, voters with disabilities and limited English proficient voters in the policy
development and implementation of all reforms.

FoCE members will work to expand participation and modernize elections by:

1. Implementing and disseminating best practices on the pre-registration of 16/17-year-olds
across California counties

2. Supporting university and colleges as they participate in the California Student Votes
Project and offer more and better voter registration opportunities to students.

3. Improve access to voting, polling places and election materials for voters with disabilities
by working with county elections officials and the Secretary of State, and their respective
Voting Accessibility Advisory Committees

4. Informing implementation and public education of California’s new Motor Voter Law and
Same Day Registration, also known as Conditional Voter Registration, in communities
across the state

5. Providing technical assistance to counties as they meet their obligations to provide
language access in more effective ways, as prescribed in state and federal laws, such as the
availability and accessibility of facsimile ballots in languages other than English (AB 918),
the implementation new language determinations (Elections Code Section 14201), and
through participation on Language Accessibility Advisory Committees.

6. Improving the voter experience through expanded access of plain language and accessible
voting information in various formats by working with California Secretary of State and
county election officials.

7. Reducing voter confusion of the vote-by-mail process through dissemination of best
practices and improved design of vote-by-mail envelopes

8. Leading a statewide implementation network, Voter’s Choice California, to support
counties and communities implementing the Voter’s Choice Act (SB 450) and capturing
best practices for expanded 2020 implementation, and encouraging local participation in
the election planning process