[NOTE: A PDF copy of this document can be accessed here: FOCE.2013.Principles.FINAL]


The members of FoCE are committed to the following guiding principles

The policies and practices that govern California’s elections – and the institutions and individuals responsible for administering them – should:

1. Encourage full participation by all eligible citizens

2. Ensure and protect equal access to participation regardless of age, race, language, income, education, disability or location

3. Ensure that every eligible citizen can easily register to vote and that voter registration rolls are accurate and up-to-date

4. Provide citizens with information about registration and voting – including information on candidates, ballot issues and voting instructions – in a variety of formats, including disability accessible formats, and languages – so that every voter can make informed voting choices and cast a meaningful and valid ballot

5. Provide each voter with flexibility regarding options for casting a ballot

6. Protect voters from intimidation and deception and ensure enforcement and compliance with all applicable laws protecting voters’ rights and the integrity of the voting process

7. Reflect the highest standards of transparency, accuracy and security and provide all citizens with justifiable confidence in election systems – including voting technology – and their outcomes

8. Provide outreach and education to California’s youth about the electoral process and the value of civic participation in order to foster a spirit of lifelong participation in all voters

9. Guarantee that state and local governments provide resources in proportion to election administration requirements while holding election officials accountable for efficient and effective use of those funds

10. Commit to seeking improvements of all kinds – from small fixes to big and fundamental changes – that make California’s elections work for the voters of today and tomorrow