2013 Accomplishments

The members of Future of California Elections (FoCE) – including election officials, civil rights organizations and election reform advocates – worked together to accomplish the following in 2013:

Language Access

  • Developed language assistance recommendations for limited English proficient voters that were incorporated as a national model into the report of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA).
  • Educated supporters in the legislature and other cosponsors about the value of legislation (AB 817 – enacted) which allows legal permanent residents to serve as bilingual poll workers on Election Day.
  • Established the Language Access Advisory Committee (LAAC) to meet regularly with Secretary of State (SoS) staff to advise on language assistance issues, resulting in improved translations for online voter registration.

Voter Registration

  • Highlighted the importance of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and the SoS’ designation of Covered California, the state health benefit exchange, as a federal voter registration agency.
  • Created tools and trainings for improved agency voter registration assistance and tracking, resulting in increased NVRA compliance by state and local agencies.
  • Improved the underlying technology, user experience and accessibility of the state’s online voter registration system, resulting in expanded voter registration opportunities and recognition as a national model by the PCEA.

Voting Options

  • Promoted the benefits of legislation (SB 360 – enacted) to change the certification and approval process of voting systems in California.  The enactment of this legislation will support local efforts in Los Angeles County to develop, own and operate one of the nation’s first “home-grown” voting system in order to better meet the needs of Los Angeles’ diverse electorate.
  • Educated legislators about the challenges election officials face in validating signatures on vote-by-mail ballots, contributing to enactment of legislation (AB 1135) to expand the sources permitted for signature verification.

Voting Information

  • Conducted community forums, resulting in recommendations for improving official state voter information materials including plain language and better usability.