2014 Accomplishments

Language Access

  • Hosted information sessions and worked with election officials in Los Angeles County and Orange County to develop methods for recruitment of bilingual legal permanent resident poll workers as authorized by AB817, which allows legal permanent residents to serve as bilingual poll workers.
  • Conducted trainings and developed research and tools of best practices for language assistance as required by federal and state law.
  • Supported the Language Access Advisory Committee (LAAC) in its continued collaboration with the Office of the Secretary of State to improve translation and promotion of California’s online voter registration and other language access issues.

Voter Registration

  • Hosted informational webinars with the SoS to expand use of online voter registration and ensured the COVR tool is accessible to all voters (including voters with limited English proficiency and voters with disabilities) and has the capability of linking to third party websites.
  • Developed a COVR toolkit and “COVR Wall of Fame” to expand access and promote online voter registration. Additionally, conducted outreach, technical assistance and training to encourage diverse entities to promote online voter registration.
  • Engaged with SoS staff to get updates on the roll-out of VoteCal and identify priority functions of the new state voter registration database.
  • Developed best practices and tools for technical assistance on NVRA – both in registering voters and in reporting NVRA activity to the state – including a first-in-the nation NVRA toolkit and a video by the SoS on NVRA; provided direct technical assistance on NVRA compliance to public agencies within the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Voting Options

  • Released studies on how vote-by-mail affects voters, including limited English-proficient voters and voters with disabilities
  • Developed toolkit for messaging for Vote-by-Mail Outreach (including #SignSendDeliver social media campaign) and hosted a vote-by-mail panel “Make Sure Every Vote Counts” to provide public education.
  • Contributed to the policy dialogue regarding impact and implementation of AB 1873 regarding use of VBM for special elections
  • Contributed to the policy dialogue regarding impact and implementation of SB 29 regarding “postmark rule” for VBM ballots
  • Drafted and disseminated report on innovations, especially epollbooks and ballot on demand
  • Conducted research on vote centers

Voting Information

  • Worked with state and local election officials to establish online voter lookup tools, which contributed to national tool used by over 440,000 California voters on Election Day.
  • First statewide lookup tool
  • Conducted research on voting information needs of infrequent voters and nonvoters to develop best practices for plain language and design of state and local voter guides.
  • Worked with SoS to include contributor information for ballot questions in voter guide
  • Developed regional voting information tool (SoCALVotes) for Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Other Accomplishments 

  • Contributed to Election Protection efforts – both assistance and troubleshooting – and developed “early warning system” for future reform issues
  • Developed relationships – both inside and outside FoCE – supporting broader future efforts
  • Identified “weak spots” (e.g. DMV) as targets of future reform efforts