Future of California Elections Resources for Voter Engagement: 

California Online Voter Registration (COVR) Toolkit

  • This toolkit will help organizations promote online voter registration to their constituents. The toolkit contains sample documents including: newsletter article, sample Tweets, and sample press release. The press release is translated into the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese

California Online Voter Registration (COVR) Webinar

  • Hear the experts discuss the development of COVR and review the COVR Toolkit

Simple Messaging for Vote-by-Mail Outreach Toolkit

  • This toolkit will help organizations get the right messages to vote by mail voters to ensure their vote counts. The toolkit includes sample documents including: outreach email, social media messaging and press release. The press release is translated into Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Vote by Mail “Make Sure Every Vote Counts” Panel  – Video

  • Video of October 14, 2014 panel on vote-by-mail. Listen to a panel of experts discuss how to make every vote by mail vote count for Election 2014.

Research by Future of California Elections Members and Partners:

Center for Civic Design – How voters get information (voter guides in California)

  • Research was done in partnership with FoCE to explore how voters find information about elections.

UC Davis California Civic Engagement Project – Project briefs on Vote by Mail Use

  • Research done in partnership with FoCE looked at the demographics of vote by mail voters in California

California Voter Foundation – Improving California’s Vote by Mail Process: A Three-County Study

  • A year-long study of three California counties – Orange, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz – and their vote by mail systems.

Additional Helpful Resources:

James Irvine Foundation – California Democracy Program

California Secretary of State – Elections

California Online Voter Registration Page

California Senate Elections Committee

California Assembly Elections Committee

California Elections Code