2019 Future Voters Contest

In California 16 and 17-year-olds who are eligible can preregister to vote in order to be automatically registered when they turn 18. In 2019, Future of California Elections asked eligible youths ages 15-18 to create art based on what inspires them to be a future voter. Contestants who submitted original art and also pre-registered to vote in California, were then entered to win a $100 gift card from the store of their choosing.

Ashneet Rathore, age 15, from Sacramento County won the contest with her entry “Your Vote is Your Voice”. Honorable mentions: Lena Root, age 16, from Los Angeles, CA; Rahul Dighe, age 16, from Mountain House, CA; Ernesto Torres, age 18, from Los Angeles, CA.


Ashneet Rathore, Age 15

Brittany Rivera, Age 18

Iliana Garcia, Age 16

Ranz Umlas, Age 17
Luis Soto, Age 18

Katrina Buenaflor, Age 15

Lena Root, Age 16

Ernesto Torres, Age 18

Genesis Ruiz, Age 15

Kseniia Sorokina, Age 16

Rahul Dighe, Age 16

David Madera,  Age 16

Cathryn Clark, Age 17

Dan Ala Riciel Delas Alas, Age 17