Jennie Carreón

Jennie Carreón is the assistant vice president for civic engagement at AltaMed, and is also a founder and executive director of AltaMed’s PAC, overseeing fundraising and the endorsement process for elected officials at all levels in the State of California. Prior to AltaMed, Carreón served as senior advisor and liaison to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa with environmental and business groups, as well as local, state and national elected officials, overseeing the largest open space park initiative in the country. She also served on Governor Davis’s team of international relations and worked under the Secretary of Foreign Affairs with an emphasis in Latin America. Carreón was recently appointed by Senate President Pro Temp Kevin de Leon to The Health Professions Education Foundation to encourage and support medical professionals to practice in California’s medically under served communities. She earned a bachelor’s from the University of California, Santa Cruz.