Preview of the Future of California Elections 2017 Conference

  • By Astrid

  • February 22nd, 2017

Amidst groundless allegations of election fraud dominating national media and an emerging, confused debate about voter rolls, Future of California Elections (FoCE) will once again bring together a broad network of reform advocates and election administrators to ensure that California engages in an honest and open dialogue about our state’s election practices. Given the contentious allegations surrounding of our recent national elections, FoCE’s 2017 conference theme, “Advancing Momentum: Moving Our Democracy Forward” seems more timely than ever.

In that spirit, Secretary of State Alex Padilla will open the conference, and panels will feature topics ranging from the opening plenary, “Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Retrospective Panel on the 2016 Election Cycle and How it Impacts Future California Elections” to language and disability access, youth outreach, engaging underrepresented communities, and more.

This year’s array of notable panelists includes a wide range of experts in the areas of election administration and voting advocacy including Kim Alexander, CEO and Founder of the California Voter Foundation, Jonathan Stein of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus and Dora Rose, Senior Director of Civic Engagement with the League of Women Voters of California.

FoCE engages leaders and activists in this annual event to modernize elections and expand participation. We hope you will join us!


Written by Deborah Mack, Interim Deputy Director, Future of California Elections

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