FoCE Priorities

FoCE’s work has evolved over the years. The links below provide details of our members’ specific priorities from 2013 to now:

2020 Priorities

Future of California Elections works to modernize elections and expand participation, while serving the needs of all voters, including underrepresented voters, voters with disabilities and limited English proficient voters. Each year, FoCE members identify key priorities to advance our shared mission and work collaboratively with partners across California to strengthen our democracy.

In 2020, a critical election year, Future of California Elections will:

  1. Support implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act through our Voter’s Choice California project, which focuses on supporting counties transitioning to the new voting model.
  2. Support implementation of Same Day Registration by working with counties to improve the voter experience, as well working with community organizations supporting voter education efforts about this opportunity for registering to vote.
  3. Support implementation of California Motor Voter by improving voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. Work to improve voter information through best design practices and plain language across all our work.
  5. Convene stakeholders and partners at the FoCE Annual Conference to promote cross-sector collaboration and advance shared goals.

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