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Election Updates

05/23/2017 Sacramento Bee: Here’s a better way for Sacramento to vote

05/23/2017 Politico: Top hacker conference to target voting machines

05/09/2017 Los Angeles Times: Voting Rights Groups File a New DMV lawsuit, saying it’s still too hard for Californians to register to vote

04/11/17 Sacramento Bee: California Election Chief wants primary election right after Iowa, New Hampshire

04/02/17 LA Times: Political Road Map: A $76-million dilemma over election costs

FoCE News 

03/28/17 FoCE: California Election Leaders Stay Focused on Reform in Politically Charged Era

Election 2016

06/10/2016 FOX 40: Sanders Supporters Await Full Ballot Count 

06/10/2016 KQED News: More Accessible Voting Leads to Longer Counting Times in California

06/09/2016 The Washington Times: Nearly 2.6 million votes outstanding in California primary

Language Access

05/10/17 Los Angeles Times: There were serious problems in 2016 for some California voters who don’t speak English, new report says 

10/09/2014 Speak City Heights: Changes in Voting Processing Could Benefit Non-English Speakers

04/28/2014 Contra Costa Times: Online Voter Registration Now Available in 10 Languages

03/12/2014 National Journal: Giving Latino Voters The Protections They Deserve

08/09/2013 Asian Week: New Report on 2012 Election Finds Language Assistance A Key Issue For Asian American Voters

6/1/2013 The Alamedan: Poll Worker Bill Headed to State Senate Floor

04/24/13 OC Weekly: Local Cambodians Diss State Voter Guides

Voter Registration

11/02/2014 Sacramento Bee: Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Vote

03/25/2014 Government Technology: California to Send Voter Registration Cards to Obama Care Applicants

Voting Options 

11/10/2014 Forward Times: Election Confirms Difficulty With New Voting Limits

11/02/2014 The Davis Enterprise: Signed Sealed and Delivered More are Voting-by-Mail

10/22/2014 NPR: Want Your Absentee Vote to Count? Don’t Make These Mistakes

10/16/2014 NBC News: Avoid These Common Mistakes When Voting

10/13/2014 Sacramento Bee: California politicians would never suppress voting, but they might not count all the ballots

10/06/2014 CBS: Voting By Mail For November Elections Starts Monday 

04/09/2013 The California Report: L.A. County Remakes How Its Citizens Will Vote

Voting Information

4/4/2016 Voices of San Diego: San Diego Decides: Talk to Vote

11/14/2014 Sacramento Bee: California Officials Ponder All Mail Voting

10/15/2014 Capitol Public Radio: California Civic Engagement Project Explains Low Youth Voter Turnout

03/05/2014 Fox and Hounds Daily: The Future of California Elections Depends On Us