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Future of California Elections 2017 Annual Conference

The conference program is available here [1], accompanied by an accessible version here [2]. Please note that slideshows and video of every session is not available.

Opening Remarks from the Honorable Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State [3]

Opening Plenary – Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Retrospective Panel on the 2016 Election Cycle and How it Impacts Future California Elections [4]

Keynote by David Becker, Executive Director, Center for Election Innovation & Research [9]

Session A – Empowering Communities: The California Voting Rights Act

Session B – Making Voting Accessible and How Voters with Disabilities Can Assist with Election Planning [11]

Session C – Meeting the Needs of a Diversifying Electorate: Language Access in California’s Elections, Past and Future [12] | slides [13]

Session D – Path to the Polls: Building a More Inclusive Democracy by Pre-registering California’s Youth

Session E – Achieving Greater Consistency in Californians’ Vote-by-Mail Experience

Session F – Diving into California’s Voter’s Choice Act: A Close Look at SB 450 [21]

Session G – #GettingitRight: Voting Information for the Modern Electorate

Session H – Winning Strategies to Engage Underrepresented Communities

Closing Plenary: Vote Centers in Action – The Experiences of Other States [29]