Online/Mobile Formats – Voting Resources

Verified Voting Foundation: In California, we help ensure reliable and secure elections by requiring voting systems that can be audited. Statutes call for a post-election manual tally of a portion of the ballots to provide a check against the functioning of the electronic vote counting mechanisms. These requirements are not currently met by online and mobile voting systems. While it is feasible to transmit a blank ballot to a remote voter such as someone in the military or overseas via electronic means, there are unsolved security and privacy problems with marking and/or transmitting votes online. Online and mobile technologies do serve in many positive and very effective ways in elections. Online/mobile has become an essential piece of the communications and outreach toolkit of election officials, and a very useful means for finding polling places, voter registration, finding out who and what is on the ballot. These two documents can help explain some of the issues.

The Computer Technologists’ Statement on Internet Voting
Verified Voting Foundation

This resource provides an overview of the kinds of issues to be resolved before doing Internet voting safely.


If I Can Shop and Bank Online, Why Can’t I Vote?
David Jefferson, Computer Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Board Chairman of Verified Voting Foundation and Board of Directors for California Voter Foundation

In this resource, Dr. David Jefferson clarifies the hard differences between securing other kinds of online transactions vs. securing votes.