Future of California Elections’ conferences and events convened election officials and nonprofit partners to discuss policy reforms and collaborate on initiatives, leading to groundbreaking change and significant improvements to California elections.

Conferences were held 2012 through 2020 and benefitted from an annual address from the former California Secretary of State, now U.S. Senator Alex Padilla. In addition, FoCE held a series of events, webinars and forums to share best practices on key policy reforms, discuss the latest initiatives on election administration and other democracy issues. All FoCE panels were defined by the cross-sector model of the network and included diverse voices from election officials and community representatives. The last FoCE conference in 2020 reflected the state of the world by being held virtually, and attendees from across the nation viewed the event that preceded one of the most significant elections in recent U.S. history.

This archive holds the videos, research, Powerpoint presentations and other materials presented at FoCE conferences and forums.

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