The Voter’s Choice Act Legal Digest was created in 2017 to assist election officials and nonprofit organizations navigate the legal requirements of the new law that established vote center elections.

The archived materials here are specific to the first two election cycles of the law and are listed as sample materials. Revisions should be made as changes and amendments are made to the Voter’s Choice Act.

The reference document available here contains topics pertaining to the Voter’s Choice Act, along with pertinent election codes, E-dates and descriptions. Multiple abbreviations are used – a key to the abbreviations is available here.

Sections of the Legal Digest address the following:

  • Vote Center Ballot Rules
  • Ballot Drop Off Location Numbers, Hours & Placement
  • Vote Center Algorithm and Hours
  • Vote Center Accessibility Requirements for People with Disabilities
  • VC Electronic Registration Data
  • Vote Center Language Assistance Requirements

Additional VCA checklists available in this resource category are listed below: