The Public Participation Checklist available here was developed to assist election officials and the public track all of the legal requirements for public participation under the Voter’s Choice Act. These items include community involvement in creating the Election Administration Plan such as development, public notice, comment and hearing process; establishment of the LAAC & VAAC; and consideration of what Vote Centers must account for.

The archived materials here are specific to the first two election cycles of the law and are listed as sample materials. Revisions should be made as changes and amendments are made to the Voter’s Choice Act.

Sections of the Public Participation Checklist address the following:

  • Vote Centers Must Allow For
  • Community Involvement in Development of Draft Election Administration Plan
  • LAAC & VAAC Activities
  • Factors to Consider Developing EAP
  • EAP Public Notice, Comment & Hearing Process

Additional VCA checklists available in this resource category are listed below: