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Future of California Elections 2016 Annual Conference

February 25, 2016

The conference program is available here [1], accompanied by a rich text format version here [2]. Also available is the conference program book here [3], which includes speaker biographies and full panel descriptions. Please note that slideshows and video of every session is not available.

Welcome [4]

Modernizing Elections: Strategies from California, Colorado, and Oregon [5]

Oath: Language Accessibility Advisory Committee and Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee [7]


New Research by Future of California Elections Members and Partners [10]

Fostering State and Local Government Collaboration [14]

Moving to the Future: Legislative Policies and Practices to Support Voter Turnout [17]

Funding Democracy: The Future of Sustainable Election Funding and Governance – Session A

Voting for Revolution: The Role Civic Engagement Plays in Modern Day Movements – Session B [20]

Designing for the Voter Experience – Session C

The Youth Vote: Engaging Our Future Voters – Session D

Voter Registration Modernization – Session E [30]

Moving the Electorate: Reflections and Insights on Civic Engagement – Session F

Accessible Voter Information for Everyone – Session G

Districting What? Understanding the Power of Line Drawing in Your Community – Session H

Reducing Barriers to the Voting Booth – Session I [39]

Workshop: Making Information for Voters Easy to Understand – Session J [40]